)Just Do It.


One of the easiest ways to keep sane and enjoy life is to just do it. There is no time like the present, and nothing is keeping you from doing anything at the present moment (unless there’s a gun to your head). There is nothing more frustrating than walking into a room when there is shit everywhere.

Scenario: Felt really motivated some random afternoon and after drinking a cup of coffee and listening to the Rocky Theme, you feel invincible and ready to take on anything in the world, i.e: cleaning. So you sweep the kitchen, do the dishes, vacuum everything, do the laundry, etc. At the end of the day there’s nothing that you want to do but drink a beer, so you crack a refreshing silver bullet and bask in all the glory.

Problem: One beer turns to six, six turns into friends coming by, Domino’s ordered, pass out drunk, and wake up with an even more grandiose mess.

Solution: As soon as the little voice in your head says, “I should probably clean this.” Do. It. And when you’re done take a nap and enjoy the cleanliness. Next time you make a sandwich, put your dishes in the washing machine (did I mention rinse them off?). Next time you get in from a run put your shoes in their rack and your dirty shirt in the hamper, this will allow the majestic clean nature that is usually a convenience to become the standard.

Enjoy your new pad.



Disclaimer: This is in no way, shape, form, language, medium, or sense a hint to either of my two great and always fresh and clean roommates. Total hypothetical situation.

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No Music, No Life – First Post

ImageThis is my first blog post, hope you (whoever that is) enjoy it. Who knows if anyone will ever read this stuff, but I figured why not try it out. So without further adieu, here is my thoughts on life and music, this will probably come up many times in the future since I love music and cannot do anything without listening to music (most often Pandora streaming from my phone or computer, in my car and blasting from my headphones – which incidentally Frank stole, I need new ones if anyone wants to toss me some 🙂 ).

Listen to music whenever you have the chance, it instantly makes you feel better, no matter what the situation. Life is based in emotions and every song can stimulate one or several emotions on contact – whether its reminding you of a party you went to 20 years ago or reminds you of the first dance you had with your wife at your wedding. Anything in life worth anything takes work – whether you are searching for wealth, fame, fitness, or friendship. There’s no better way to put the work in for these goals than doing so with your favorite tunes on. Working out is nearly impossible without a workout buddy and if you cant convince your lethargic buddy to hop on a bike with you the next best training partner is your MP3 player (or tape-deck if you’re old-school). Even as a write this article I am still rocking out to some tunes, speaking of which this song is awful, give me one second to change it – a little Vertical Horizon, takes me back. So back to working out with music – I could not have worked out today without my android spitting out Country Radio. Since my coach and workout buddy cancelled on me today I decided to take a nice long bike ride in the 82 degree weather – most beautiful day so far this year. After I rode 6 miles around the lake front, past the college, and through the beautifully gaudy town – I got back on the bike path and my rear tire decided to pop for the 3rd time in 3 weeks – damn Dan’s Bike Shop not replacing my tube but probably patching it – that doesn’t work anymore for a 12 year old BMX bike when an old man is peddling as fast as he can to catch up with the 86 year olds sporting $5000 bikes in Lake Forest haha. But after it popped a friend of mine was kind enough to allow me to drag my bike into her garage for the night and begin my long treck back to the ole apartment (only a 2.5 mile run) but I friggen’ hate running. On any day in any condition I would rather sprint a mile in the water than jog a mile in the sunny breeze. But after my 20 minute stroll complemented perfectly by my country radio – I made it! Probably my fastest 2.5 miles ever – thanks in large part to Carrie Underwood and Eric Church who made the last mile a lot more enjoyable.

Until Next Time,


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