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A little follow up to last month’s “Just Do It” posting. Part of today’s workout was 4×20 36” box jumps… at the end of our leg workout. Not the easiest thing in the world. As I began each set I told myself to keep a fierce pace and to not stop until I hit 20, no matter how hard it was. This wasn’t easy but made getting through the sets more manageable than I would have thought. There were a few times when I tripped or got a bad jump and couldn’t make it up and the next one or two jumps became increasingly more difficult, but the last two sets when I was able to successfully make each box jump made the sets seem easier (even though I was actually putting in more cardiovascular effort). This was juxtaposed with my coach who would do 5, rest for a second, do 8, rest for a second, and try to punch out the rest. To be honest he is just as if not more mentally tough than I am, but the rest built up more lactic acid and made each successive jump that much more difficult. So to reiterate the “Just Do It” slogan: When you fall off your horse, get back on it as quickly as you can because the horse might just run away. I read an article once called “Thinking Between The Gap,” which focused on making the right decisions when faced with an immediate problem. For example: running a 10k and “hitting the wall” at 7k, those who make a conscious decision to push through it will be successful in the race vs. the ones who decide to back off. These decisions during crunch time or during your race are not made then and there, they are made in training and in life when you make the effort to correctly “decide within the gap” consciously and consistently in life. My perseverance today will hopefully bode well for me in the future, I will make an effort to continue to make similar decisions so that when faced with adversity in the future I will be programmed to make the right choice 🙂


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One of the easiest ways to keep sane and enjoy life is to just do it. There is no time like the present, and nothing is keeping you from doing anything at the present moment (unless there’s a gun to your head). There is nothing more frustrating than walking into a room when there is shit everywhere.

Scenario: Felt really motivated some random afternoon and after drinking a cup of coffee and listening to the Rocky Theme, you feel invincible and ready to take on anything in the world, i.e: cleaning. So you sweep the kitchen, do the dishes, vacuum everything, do the laundry, etc. At the end of the day there’s nothing that you want to do but drink a beer, so you crack a refreshing silver bullet and bask in all the glory.

Problem: One beer turns to six, six turns into friends coming by, Domino’s ordered, pass…

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Endowed with a wealth of knowledge on every topic, but only a little bit of knowledge about each topic. A lot of people are really good at one thing, I was graced to be okay at just about anything. Need a light bulb changed on the door of your car - I can barely do that, looking for advice on how to run a program in Linux? I can probably squeeze something out. I've always joked with my best friend Ryan that we should write a book called "Pretty Good At Everything" I think that basically sums up my life. I've competitively swam my whole life and I love the water and anything to do with it. I now am an assistant coach at my alma mater Lake Forest College in upstate Illinois. Have a question about anything in life? Shoot me an email! Cheers!

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