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Howdy Partners,

I got my butt kicked mightily today. Thought the workout would be somewhat simpler than it was, turned out to be a 25ish minute long ass-kicking (plus a bonus for all of you workoutaholics), P.S: I LOVE WORKAHOLICS. Today focused on back, legs, biceps, and abs. It hurts so good…The Workout

20 minute run



Squats (135)

Curl To Press (30 lb dumbbells – 10 to 1 each arm)

Thrusters (70 lbs)

Seated Row (120)

GHD Sit-ups (x2)

10 Rounds through starting at 10 reps and reducing the reps by one each round (doubling the abs so going 20 to 2)

My Time: 26:20


Bonus Workout

Pushup/Plank Circuit

5 Pushups, :15 plank, 10 pushups, :30 plank, 15 pushups, :45 plank, 20 pushups, 1:00 plank, and back down

Time: 7:00


Cheers 🙂

Currently Listening To: Follow You Down – Gin Blossoms

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Endowed with a wealth of knowledge on every topic, but only a little bit of knowledge about each topic. A lot of people are really good at one thing, I was graced to be okay at just about anything. Need a light bulb changed on the door of your car - I can barely do that, looking for advice on how to run a program in Linux? I can probably squeeze something out. I've always joked with my best friend Ryan that we should write a book called "Pretty Good At Everything" I think that basically sums up my life. I've competitively swam my whole life and I love the water and anything to do with it. I now am an assistant coach at my alma mater Lake Forest College in upstate Illinois. Have a question about anything in life? Shoot me an email! Cheers!

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