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Life In A Day


Aloha friends,

Whenever I get the rare opportunity to lay on the couch and watch whatever I want (i.e: when the roommates are out) I usually try to indulge myself with something moving or somewhat educational. That usually leads me to netflix’s extensive (haha) array of documentaries. I have always seen Life In A Day in the documentary list but always tended to look past it and move on to stuff seemingly more interesting (Exit Through the Gift Shop – a documentary about street art and in particular the ever evasive Banksy, highly recommended and quite cool). But since I have already watched all of the sports documentaries that seem interesting and couldn’t find anything on the tube to watch I decided to give it a try.

From the first scene I was torn between changing the movie and staring blankly at the screen, but something about the homemade footage and the constantly changing storyline kept me ever increasingly attentive. The documentary was a project by national geographic and youtube and spanned thousands of people filming several thousands of hours of footage on July 24th, 2010. The movie depicts an extraordinary variety of people and cultures, all sharing similar stories though out this Saturday in July.

The most touching part of the movie is seeing first hand the everyday struggles and heartache, happiness and delight felt by everyone all over the world. The movie asked three questions: what is in your pocket, what do you love, and what do you fear. Each of these questions presented hundreds of answers from a variety of people, yet each of them told similar stories. We are all human and the struggles and rewards we get from life are all quite similar, even though the magnitudes of each can be varying.

A Few Findings:

1. Everyone struggles to get up in the morning

2. Everyone has a genuine interest and love in their family

3. We all rely on others to survive

4. The world we live in is beautiful

That’s all I can think of now, I will update this when my mind is not falling asleep.

I suggest you give this movie a try šŸ™‚

With Love,


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