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TWO (WOD) Forgot Yesterday’s

ImageAloha Friends,

I will fill y’all in on yesterday’s and today’s workout. Yesterday was a mixture of back/arms/legs. Today’s has two one strictly abs and one crossfit based in legs/back/chest.

Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚June 5th

Each exercise yesterday was performed for 4 sets with each set composed of 7 reps at a manageable weight, 4 at a heavier weight, and 7 at the original weight (unless otherwise specified). No breaks within any of the 18 reps.

Pushups (7 regular, 4 tiger tricep extensions, 7 regular)

7 Chinups, 4 Pullups, 7 Chinups

7 Standing shoulder press with barbell (45 lbs) / 4 push-press (95) / 7 shoulder press (45)

Lat Pull Down (100 lbs overhand/140 underhand/100 overhand)

Dips (7 regular/4 w/ 45 lb belt/7 regular)

7 front squats (95)/ 4 back squats (135)/ 7 jump squats (no added weight)

Time: Around 51 minutes

Wednesday, June 6th


10 barbell rollouts on knees

10 hanging knees to elbows (we went toes to hands for a challenge)

20 side bends w/ 45 lb plate


10 squats (115)

10 1 leg squats on box

20 alternating single arm dumbbell press (60 lbs/arm)

10 clap push ups

10 rotating back rows w/ pulley each arm (70)

10 Turkish get-ups w/ 10 lb dumbbell

Time: 23:40

Post any questions in the comments or feel free to email me!

Have a great workout, and a productive day πŸ™‚

Currently Listening To: Everything You Want – Vertical Horizon (Living in the past with the Goo Goo Dolls pandora station, pretty awesome).

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