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A humorous and truthful view of each of the life’s instructions from my great friend, Mr. Dr. Perry.

Matthew "Dr." Perry

I recently came across a list of “life’s Instructions” some of them had merit, but I did not agree with all of them.  Below is my response to each of these: My responses are the blues.  obviously

  1. Have a firm handshake.True
  2. Look people in the eye. Also very important
  3. Sing in the shower. I see no merit in this what so ever
  4. Own a great stereo system.Unless you live in an apartment with thin walls
  5. If in a fight, hit first and hit hard. And cheat to win
  6. Keep secrets.Are we keeping secrets from people, or keeping our own dirty secrets?
  7. Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen everyday. And a sucker is born every minute
  8. Always accept an outstretched hand.What if that outstretched hand wants to pull you over a cliff?  What if its a villain you just battled and is…

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Endowed with a wealth of knowledge on every topic, but only a little bit of knowledge about each topic. A lot of people are really good at one thing, I was graced to be okay at just about anything. Need a light bulb changed on the door of your car - I can barely do that, looking for advice on how to run a program in Linux? I can probably squeeze something out. I've always joked with my best friend Ryan that we should write a book called "Pretty Good At Everything" I think that basically sums up my life. I've competitively swam my whole life and I love the water and anything to do with it. I now am an assistant coach at my alma mater Lake Forest College in upstate Illinois. Have a question about anything in life? Shoot me an email! Cheers!

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