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Memorable Day


Had a pretty great weekend, went home to visit the family, play in a baseball game, and throw a party. Took a couple hours to set up, got a keg, and had a good time with good friends. The party went well and most of my friends showed up and had a good time. Throwing a big party like I used to in college taught me two valuable lessons:

1. I can’t drink like I used to.

2. The people who really matter in life will always be by your side.

Without needing to embellish further on #1, let’s just say that 12 hours of drinking is not as easy as I originally thought it was.

#2 is what I would like to spend a majority of my time on. I will highlight the life lesson with a story I heard yesterday from a dear friend and neighbor of mine. We had saw his aunt over the weekend but her poor English led us to believe our friend was heading back to the Dominican Republic to bring his mother home because the states were not her cup of tea. It turned out she passed away after visiting here for 5 days. The day she passed away she was taking pictures in the park with her daughter-in-law and requested to see her son and grandchildren to say goodbye to them, no one knew what she quite meant but her wish was granted and she was able to speak with them and say her “good-byes.” She closed by saying she was for the first time in her life fully content with life, happy with her entire family and satisfied that her job as a parent was finally complete. She had gotten to see her lone son that lived in the US and was happy that he was doing well amidst a harsh divorce and separation from his boys (an unfortunate circumstance that the ex-wife brought upon) so soon after finishing her good wishes with her immediate family asked to speak to the mother of her grandchildren, behind closed doors, to peacefully tie up and lose ends and pray that she can instill some sort of values into her ex-daughter in law. After completing all of her daily (or life’s) goals – she retired to my neighbor’s house, became short of breath, was rushed to the ER and passed away while my neighbor parked his car. He left me and my best friend one word of advice – “Never take anything for granted, and never let a day pass by without thanking those who matter to you.” For some stroke of luck his mother was able to visit with him on the last days of her life and he was able to instill in her the confidence that her influence and parenting had been fully digested and understood by her family – she was now certain that he family was in good hands and her time here was well served.

This lesson came one day after I let some beer take the best of me and allow me to get upset at my mom and my best friend – two of the most important people in the world. My buddy quickly took control of the situation and attempted his best to convince me that there is no one else in the world who cares as much about me or does whatever they can for me than my mother. To Drew: my best friend and adopted brother, thank you for not only wrestling some sense into my head (my goodness did he shut me up), thank you for standing up for my mother and standing your ground when I was upset.

To You: Never lose sight of reality. Never take anything for granted. And Never be afraid to say thank you. There are so many people that truly care about you that do so from a lofted view, never asking for appreciation or acknowledgement, but don’t be afraid to recognize good deeds, especially from the ones hoping you actually notice.

Thanks for all those who took the time to read today,


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