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(WOD) Thursday May 24

Hey Guys,

Been a little busy today, but in any case here’s the workout I did this morning. Coach bailed so me and Dewayne made up what we thought would be a short and easy Crossfit considering our main motivator was gone. Turned out anything but simple.

The Workout

10 Cleans (95)

10 Rows (180)

10 Deadlifts (110)

20 Pushups

Do each exercise in sequence as quickly as possible then rest for :30, do 4 sets. Our Total Time: 9:00.

Note: Kinda pussed out on the legs today but the cleans still wrecked my forearms and subsequently everything else.

After the workout we did the P90x ab circuit, if you have any questions about what that is feel free to ask 🙂



Currently Listening To: Mama’s Room – Under the Influence of Giants (No idea what this is, just is on my iTunes haha)


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Endowed with a wealth of knowledge on every topic, but only a little bit of knowledge about each topic. A lot of people are really good at one thing, I was graced to be okay at just about anything. Need a light bulb changed on the door of your car - I can barely do that, looking for advice on how to run a program in Linux? I can probably squeeze something out. I've always joked with my best friend Ryan that we should write a book called "Pretty Good At Everything" I think that basically sums up my life. I've competitively swam my whole life and I love the water and anything to do with it. I now am an assistant coach at my alma mater Lake Forest College in upstate Illinois. Have a question about anything in life? Shoot me an email! Cheers!

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